More About Me



Name: Jason Scott
Age: 27
DOB: August 20th
Stats: 6'2, 180, dark brown hair, blue/green eyes
Occupation: Webmaster
Likes: People, computers, peaceful moments with the ones I love, and MEN!
Dislikes: Mean people, smokers (you can smoke, just not around me), & heavy drinkers
Anything Else? Ask me..


Work History:

Clovis Library
USDA Forestry Service (in Clovis)
Pizza Place (Pistol Petes then Peter Piper Pizza)
Roller Skating Place - Cal Skate or Roller Towne
DKA Computers - Went under in 2000
Began being a webmaster/started a few sites while working
Table Mountain Casino (which fired me for being gay)
Continued to work as a webmaster, now exclusively...
Worked Temporarily for the US Census in 2000
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Dating History:

Michael, my 1st boyfriend, we were still the best of friends, even room mates up until a few years ago.
Been Dating RJ since Oct. 1999.


Thank you for visiting my page, I hope to hear from you...

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